VIDAL SUNYER ASSOCIATS, CONSULTING NETWORK S.L,. was born in Cornellà de Llobregat, in October 2000. Our mission is acting as a consultant to companies and organizations in their systems of management, helping them in being innovative.

Is member of AENOR's National Technical Committee n. 66 of "Gestión de la Calidad y Evaluación de la Conformidad" since its reorganization, in February 2002.

That's the agent of the FIDEM, in the european organism of NORM APME since november, 2004

Believes in people's values and potential.

IIs a company of services with a characteristic style of carrying out its tasks in an effective and efficiency manner.

At VIDAL SUNYER ASSOCIATS, CONSULTING NETWORK S.L we enjoy the job well done and we feel proud of doing it that way.

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M. I. Vidal Planells    Masters Degree in Chemistry of the Universitat de Barcelona.
Manager of Vidal Sunyer Associats Consulting Network S.L.
Member of the Technical Committee ISO/TC 176/SC 2 WG18.
Accreditation Professor by AQU Catalonia
Member of Industrial Comission de la Cambra Oficial de Comerç Indústria
i Navegació de Barcelona.
Miquel Àngel Canela Doctor in Mathematics by the Universitat de Barcelona.
Professor of the Universitat de Barcelona.
Expert in Industrial Statistics.
Joan Perayre Industrial Engineer by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
Expert consultant in automotion.
Auditor by IRCA.
Joan Ribó Arboleda Doctor Chemical Engineer by IQS and Lawyer Chemical Sciences by the Universitat de Barcelona. Expert consultant in environmental management and quality of laboratories.
Joan Romagosa López

Architect by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
Architect on active service

Antoni Terricabras Roman   Industrial engineer Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya.
Consulting Expert in Systems of Production and gestió of the quality.
Auditor by IRCA.

Not to reinvent the wheel.
To listen and to ask.
Ability for analysis and synthesis.
To contribute with specific solutions and assumptions for people.

To know the limitations.
To be sincere.
Disciplined team in sharing with other professionals.
To enjoy a job well done and feel proud of it.

To teach to the new generations

Over 20 years implanting and managing topics of quality.
Over 20 years working from administration.
Over 15 years in information, quality and organisation systems.
From 1991 participating in the quality standardisation (AEN-CTN-66).
From 1993 participating in international committees of standardisation (ISO/TC 176/SC 2/WG 11 and ISO/TC 176/S C2/WG 18).

Catalysts in the companies.
Venturesome attitude.
Desires of learning.
To use the analysis or the investigation to look for the improvements.
To create future anticipation.

To improve the quality of life continually.
To get rich as a person.
To open frontiers.


Management of the Internal Knowledge = Sending the operating one of the organization and International Cooperation:

Management Systems:
   Goals and indicators
     Internal audits
     Integrated management (Quality, Env. and Security)
     Six methodology Sigma
     Product civil responsibility
     Crèixer Program

Model the processes of the company
     Statistical Process Control
     Productivity. Costs analysis
     Re-engineering improvement action
     Measures control
     Reads Method  

     Product/service measurement
     Resolution of problems
     Quality plans

Management of the External Knowledge=SPREADING OF THE KNOWLEDGE

Practical, didactics and synthetics seminaries (6h)
on Global Management of a SME (strategic Area, operative and technical).

Specialized formation and customized on previous the thematic ones.

Vidal Sunyer Associats CNSL is an acredited Organizing Entity by Fundación Tripartita.